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For fifteen years, the Kornfeld Real Estate Group (The Kornfeld Group) has counseled public and private sector clients on retail markets and future retail sites. From suggesting modifications to reposition the resort community of Aspen, Colorado to our work identifying future retail sites surrounding the new 46-acre University Hospital medial complex in Aurora, Colorado, The Kornfeld Group specializes in assessing retail markets and determining the feasibility of specific undeveloped land parcels for retail construction or redevelopment.

Additionally, The Kornfeld Group has advised local governments on a wide variety of retail issues. We have counseled our clients on changing and emerging retail markets and how best to adapt to an evolving marketplace through zoning, land use mechanisms and financial incentives. Our experience includes advice on revitalizing urban retail districts, creating innovative retail space surrounding a historic theater, and redeveloping neighborhood shopping centers.

Our private sector experience includes advising landowners and developers on the entitlement process for developers and retailers, including representation at public hearings. The Kornfeld Group has also assisted retailers in site selection and demographic analysis. Members of our firm have served as expert witnesses on behalf of both landlords and tenants. The Kornfeld Group has extensive experience in analyzing sites in conjunction with rezoning or development plan applications.

The Kornfeld Group analyzes projects as small as a single land parcel to those as large as a major metropolitan area. Our government, development, hotel and retail clients have benefited from our ability to study a market from a practical viewpoint. As shopping center developers, owners, managers and leasing agents ourselves, we bring a practical approach to a theoretical issue. We understand more than just words on paper; we understand what works in the marketplace.