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The Kornfeld Real Estate Group, LLC (The Kornfeld Group) advises luxury hotels and resorts on issues related to improving the shopping experience for their guests—often an overlooked component of the guest’s stay and an untapped opportunity for hotel and resort operators. Research confirms that shopping is an important component of the overall guest experience, and most hotels and resorts play virtually no role in this aspect of their guests’ visits. Improving shopping opportunities for guests increases revenues for hoteliers through increased sales and repeat guest business as a result of improved loyalty to a particular property.

The Kornfeld Group was the first retail consultant selected by The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd.'s exclusive Leading Service Provider Network. The firm assists fine hotels and resorts around the world.

Improving On-site Shopping Venues and Opportunities
The Kornfeld Group assesses the hotel’s existing on-site retail operations and venues and
recommends improvements including:

  • Enhancing physical aspects of retail space on property such as visibility, access, signage and branding to increase sales;
  • Improving merchandise offered for sale in hotel boutiques to increase revenue;
  • Increasing spa retail sales by improving merchandise mix, display and marketing;
  • Complete interior design and merchandise selection services;
  • Transforming gift shops into unique and highly visible boutiques;
  • Creating new retail venues such as espresso bars, speciality shops and galleries;
  • Leasing on-site shop space to experienced, branded retailers;
  • Increasing exposure of in-room retailing opportunities through catalogues and
    other media;
  • Educating the concierge staff on how to advise guests about nearby upscale shopping venues and special services; and
  • Review plans for retail space for new construction.

Creating Alliances with Nearby Retailers Exclusive to Your Property
The Kornfeld Group also creates ways to connect guests to the area’s premier shopping centers, retail districts and boutiques by:

  • Establishing alliances with nearby boutiques and shopping centers to offer exclusive promotions and services such as personal shoppers and package delivery;
  • Creating shopping guides of nearby premier retail districts;
  • Improving joint marketing of the property and retail establishments; and
  • Commencing seasonal or permanent on-site promotions within the hotel property
    for nearby retailers.

Improving the Shopping Experience for Guests Benefits Hotel and Resort Operators
Playing a more active role in guests’ shopping experience can lead to numerous benefits for hotel and resort operators, including increased property retail operation revenues and improved guest satisfaction and loyalty. Hotels and resorts improve their brand identity by offering unique merchandise and services to guests. These improvements are realized without detracting from the property’s core business and only serve to enhance its performance.


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