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Bradley Kornfeld is a principal with the Kornfeld Real Estate Group, LLC. (the Kornfeld Group). Mr. Kornfeld has more than 15 years of legal and retail experience in asset management developing, owning, leasing and operating shopping center developments. He oversees a retail portfolio consisting of more than two million square feet of retail space in the western United States. Mr. Kornfeld also advises clients on a wide variety of retail issues. He is both a licensed attorney and real estate broker.

In Mr. Kornfeld’s retail development and asset management business, he is responsible for all phases of operations including site selection, obtaining entitlements from governmental authorities, tenant selection, lease and contract negotiations, purchase and sale contracts and leasing. Mr. Kornfeld also oversees the firm’s property management operations. Mr. Kornfeld assumed sole control of his 30-year-old asset management and development company in 2009 and re-named the firm The Kornfeld Companies, LLP.

In addition to retail development and leasing, Mr. Kornfeld advises public and private sector clients on a wide variety of retail issues including enhancing retail opportunities for hotels and resorts, revitalizing retail districts, and selecting future sites for retail development. Mr. Kornfeld and the Kornfeld Group have been retained as consultants for local governments and private developers in markets across the coutnry and for hotels and resorts world-wide.

Mr. Kornfeld received his B.S. from Emory University and his J.D. with honors from Georgetown University Law Center. His community service currently includes board membership with Donor Alliance, Inc. Mr. Kornfeld lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife and three children.